Friday, October 12, 2012

Campaign Move 16

0800 to 1200 19 August 1813
Campaign Map at 0800 19th August 1813

Battle of Jena – Day Two

Napoleon orders 1st and 13th divisions to hold Jena and the area to the north.   He is aware that 7th and 16th divisions arrived from Erfurt late the previous afternoon.  They are waiting behind Jena out of sight of the Russian army.

Wittgenstein is pleased with the first days fighting.  5th division have crossed the river in the south, and both 4th and 6th divisions are ready to cross at first light.   He orders a renewed attack at first light.   He has also ordered 12th division to join the attack, and they are expected to arrive before noon.

The battle opens with the three Russian divisions crossing the river.   This brings them within range of the French gunners, who inflict heavy casualties, particularly on the Russian cavalry screen.

7th French division moves into position south of Jena which halts the Russian southern attack.   Napoleon is waiting for 16th division to arrive west of Jena before he orders a counter attack.

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