Friday, October 12, 2012

Campaign Move 17

1200 to 1600 19 August 1813

Campaign Map at 1200 19th August 1813

Battle of Jena – Day Two

Throughout the morning the 6th division, on the Russian right wing, took a pounding from the Guard artillery.   By midday the division had lost almost one third of its infantry and a similar proportion of its cavalry, and had been driven back to the edge of the river Saale.  But Galitzin held his position and not a single regiment broke ranks.   This stubborn defence forced Napoleon to keep the Guard in place to secure his left flank.

The remainder of the French artillery also caused heavy casualties, but were unable to stop the four Russian divisions crossing the river and deploying on the west bank.

The Russian cavalry now advanced and brushed aside the weaker French, Polish and Italian cavalry.   This forced the infantry to form square, and allowed the Russian infantry and cavalry to move forward ready to attack.

By late afternoon Russian grenadiers had stormed Jena and routed the Polish defenders.   The loss of the town isolated the weaker French right wing from the steady influence of the Garde.

The Russian artillery now outnumbered the French, though their gunners were not so effective.   Their cavalry dominated the French, Italian and Polish horsemen.   Their infantry greatly outnumbered the enemy.

The balance of power now swung to the Russians, and Wittgenstein was determined to take full advantage.

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