Saturday, September 1, 2012

Campaign Move 10

0800 to 1200 17 August1813

Emperor Napoleon French Commander in Chief

Napoleon is surprised, and relieved, that he has been allowed a full 24 hours to regroup and redeploy his army without any interference from the Russians

The previous day had seen frantic efforts to redistribute the available French forces to hold the line of the river Saale against the expected Russian attack.   Throughout the whole day the only contact with the enemy was the occasional cavalry patrol on the east bank of the river.

Other than cavalry patrols the Russians made no attempt to approach, let alone cross, the river Saale.

Napoleon has taken full advantage of this delay to prepare for the expected attack.   Redeployment has now been completed and his Army is as ready as it will ever be for the Russian advance.

The Russian Army still has a considerable superiority in numbers over the French, and Napoleon can only hope that his good defensive position will be enough to defeat them when they eventually come.

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