Saturday, September 15, 2012

Campaign Move 12

 1600 to 2000 17 August 1813

General Langeron Commander 1st Russian Corps

Langeron is responsible for the northern wing of the Russian army.  He is tasked with taking Bad Kosen.  This is the French northern wing held by Marshal Ney and isolated by the steep bend in the river Saale.

1st Russian corps had defeated a French attempt to move south of the river at the end of move 4.  Since then Langeron has pushed his divisions against the river skirmishing with the French.   He always lost these engagements and suffered some casualties to enemy artillery fire.

He has also failed to supply his divisions.  And despite every opportunity failed to recce the river for fords.

During move 10 he withdrew his divisions, resupplied them and redistributed his battle casualties.   He finally ordered his cavalry to recce for fords.

At the end of move 11 he received a report that the enemy had abandoned Bad Kosen and one division was seen to be marching west.  It could be a deception to tempt him to attack.   Or it could be part of the French redeployment and mean that there were only two divisions left to face his three.

He immediately ordered his corps to prepare to advance on Bad Kosen at first light 18th August 1813.

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