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Campaign Move 13

 0800 to 1200 18 August 1813

Campaign Map at 0800 18th August 1813

Battle of Bad Kosen
The previous day Langeron, commander 1st Russian Corps, received a report that one of the three French divisions as Bad Kosen had been observed marching west towards Weimar. He immediately ordered his corps to prepare to attack Bad Kosen at first light.   He also sent a message to the Russian CinC to confirm his intention, and another to General Sacken, commander 2nd Russian Corps to ask for his support.

Langeron orders 1st and 2nd divisions to advance their artillery to the river and drive the enemy back.   The infantry and cavalry are to remain out of artillery range.   3rd division is ordered to move towards the southern bridge and do the same.  When all three divisions are in place he will order them all to attack together.

Ney has deployed his artillery within range of the northern ford and central bridge.   His infantry and cavalry are out of artillery range of the eastern bank.
He does not have sufficient guns to cover the southern bridge, but he has deployed his lancer brigade within charge range of the northern end of the bridge.

Battle of Jena
Sacken ordered his 4th division to cross the river Saale and attack north of Jena.   His 5th division would hold the Domburg bridge and his 6th division would be prepared to support 1st corps by attacking north towards Bad Kosen if required.   He was aware that there were at least two French divisions on the west bank of the river and that 4th division would not only have to fight its way over a defended river but would have to do so at odds of two to one.

General Wittgenstein, the Russian CinC, was pleased that Langeron was to attack Bad Kosen.   He issued orders to his corps commanders to support the attack, and moved his reserve into position to exploit any breakthrough.   He was not aware that Sacken was about to attack Jena with just one division.  

Fortunately he arrived at Domburg during the early morning and was well placed to play an active part in the joint battles of Jena and Bad Kosen.

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