Thursday, May 3, 2012

Background to the Gera campaign

Central Germany August 1813

Background to the campaign
This is the second phase of the 1813 campaign in central Germany

The first phase was the Halle campaign from 17 June to 11 July 1813. 

The campaign diary of the Halle phase can be found  here

First French Army

Napoleon commands the First French Army, which consists of four Armee Corps.

The loss of Hanover has forced Napoleon to launch a determined counter attack against Gera.   He hopes to drive the Russians back to Dresden and force the Prussians to fall back to Magdeburg to guard their right flank.

Russian Army

Kutuzov has returned to Russia due to poor health.

Wittgenstein was appointed commander in chief on 1 August 1813

Wittgenstein has issued orders for a concentration of the four corps under his command.   He is anxious to attack west in order to support Blucher’s victory and claim a share in the defeat of Napoleon’s Grande Armee.

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