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Battle of Domburg - Move 2

1300-1400  14 August 1813

Table at the start of move 2

The three Russian divisions are now on the table
All three have deployed their cavalry who are approaching the centre of the table
Only two French divisions are on the table, and their cavalry are also deployed
8th French division will arrive at the start of move 5 on the road on the left

Russian Left  - 6th division 

General Gailitzin (Poor)
11 Command Points
Orders – Move to Domburg
Manhandle artillery 2” forward
Cavalry hold their position
Infantry advance 8” and form column of attack

Russian Right - 4th division

General Potemkin (Average)
11 Command Points
Orders – Move to hill north of town
Cavalry reach hill
7th infantry brigade and artillery advance 16”
8th infantry brigade advance 8”

General Sacken (Poor)
3 Command Points
Move to join 6th division on the left flank

French Left - 16th division

General Fontanelli (Poor)
11 Command Points
Orders – Move to Domburg
3rd dragoon regiment retire
Artillery unlimber and 8th infantry regiment form square to protect gunners
Remainder of the infantry advance 8”

French Right - 7th division

General Morand (Average)
11 Command Points
Orders – Hold right of town
Cavalry hold their position
25th infantry regiment recalled from town
Artillery unlimber and remainder of infantry form column of attack

Marshal MacDonald (Poor)
4 Command Points
Move to join 16th division on left flank
Change orders to Hold left of town

 Russian Centre - 5th division

General Bistrom (Average)
12 Command Points
Orders – Move to Domburg
Cavalry screen hold their position
5th grenadier regiment prepare to enter Domburg
Artillery unlimber and 6th infantry regiment form square to protect the gunners
The remainder of the infantry advance 16” towards the town

Game Notes
Sacken is a cautious general and has advanced his corps accordingly.  

Although his cavalry outnumber the French by 3 to 2, he is content to deploy them as a screen to cover his deployment, rather than attack the enemy horse.

The infantry and artillery have started to deploy short of the town

MacDonald, although also a Poor commander, has taken an aggressive approach and pushed his outnumbered cavalry well forward.  Not to screen the French deployment, but to delay the Russian advance.  However he must now be careful to withdraw them before the Russian cavalry take advantage of their superior numbers

He must deploy far enough forward from the river to make space for 8th division, who are not due until the start of move 5.  

If he can stand his ground until he has deployed his full corps he has a good chance of establishing a bridge head on the east bank of the river.

However if he should lose a battle with his back to the river, he stands little chance of withdrawing to the west bank without heavy casualties.

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