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Campaign Move 2

 1200 to 1600 14 August 1813

Tactical Map at the start of Move 2

Marshal Ney commands the 3rd French corps at Bad Kosen.   He has deployed two of his divisions to hold the west bank of the river Saale between the Naumburg bridge and the Domburg bridge.   His third division is at the southern end of the latter bridge.

General Langeron commands the 1st Russian corps at Naumburg.  He has his three divisions close to the river Saale on the east bank.  He has already fought a cavalry melee at the Domburg bridge, and suffered casualties from French artillery on the west bank.  He orders his three divisions to march south and attack the isolated French division at the Domburg bridge.

In the centre Marshal MacDonald commands the 4th French corps.   He is trying to establish a bridge head between the river and Domburg.   He could by now have established himself on the east bank, but has ordered a cautious advance.   As the battle starts he has one division on the east bank, one crossing the river and the third still on the west bank.

General Sacken is determined to strike at MacDonald as he crosses the river Saale and has ordered his 2nd Russian corps to attack Domburg.

To the south Marshal Victor has moved his 2nd French corps through the mountains towards Possneck.   As he reached the town a Russian division abandoned the town and withdrew to the east.     Due to the terrain the French are only able to see what is happening in G02.   Victor orders his leading division to carry out a recce towards Greiz.

General Wintzingerode has deployed his three divisions either side of the road just west of Greiz.   He withdrew his division in Possneck to encourage the French to advance.   He now abandons his defensive position and orders his corps to move into the high ground and attack the French.

Game Note
With the six corps so close together it was likely that there would be at least one battle during the first day of the campaign, but three at the same time was not anticipated

These three battles will be fought as three separate wargames.   All will start at 1200 and will last for eight hours/moves.   Each corps will be restricted to its operational area, which is shown by the white outline above.

This will result in three short battles, and it may well be necessary to fight a second day at one or more of the locations if there is not a decisive result at nightfall.

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