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Battle of Domburg – Set Up

 Strategic map at 1200 14 August 1813

Campaign Background
Marshal MacDonald has been tasked to cross the river Saale and capture the town of Domburg.   This would secure a crossing for the French Army and allow them to strike at Gera.   At first light on 14 August 1813 MacDonald ordered his three divisions to cross the river and take up defensive positions west of Domburg.

General Sacken has concentrated his corps at Gera.  Aware that the French are likely to cross the river by the Jena-Domburg bridge, he orders his corps to attack Domburg 

As the Russians approach Domburg they sight the French crossing the river Saale, with their lead division approaching Domburg.   Sacken orders his corps to attack.
 Tactical map at start of battle

Tactical Map
The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.  

MacDonald is crossing the river and ill prepared for battle

Sacken has his three divisions deployed for battle

All divisions are advancing in column of march

Wargames table at start of battle

Wargames Table
Domburg is the town at the centre of the table
There is an unnamed hamlet bottom right

7th French division (centre left) is approaching Domburg on the Jena road
16th Italian division will arrive behind 7th division
8th French division will arrive behind 16th division

5th Russian division (centre right) is approaching Domburg on the Gera road
6th Russian division (bottom right)
4th Russian division will arrive top right at the start of move 1

Special Rules
The battle starts at 1200 and will last for 8 hours/moves

Wargame Rules
Can be found at

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