Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Start of Campaign

1600 to 2000 13 August 1813

General Wittgenstein -  Russian Commander in Chief

As evening fell Wittgenstein took one last look at the campaign map.

His corps commanders had reported that their corps were concentrated and awaiting orders.   He had issued his campaign orders, which by now should have arrived at the four corps headquarters.  Surrounded by his confident staff officers he alone felt some anxiety.   Just five weeks earlier Kutuzov has been forced to admit the failure of the Halle campaign, and had returned to Russia a sick man in disgrace.   Russian hopes now rested with Wittgenstein.

His chief of staff confirmed that his four corps were fully operational.   Fresh reinforcements had brought them up to full strength.  The forward supply depots were full.   Everything that could be done to guarantee victory had been done.  

Doubts were put aside.  He raised his glass and his staff officers joined the toast – To Victory.


  1. I shall enjoy following this campaign, (and possibly borrowing a few ideas?

  2. Hi Joppy

    I hope that you do enjoy it, and you are more than welcome to make use of anything you may find useful