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Battle of Bad Kosen – Move 2

1300-1400  14 August 1813

 Table at the start of move 2

3rd Russian division (bottom) are about to attack 15th Vistula division
Remainder of 1st Russian corps have closed to the river but are unable to cross

Russian Left – 3rd division

General Wustow (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Attack French south of the river
Artillery fire close range on gunners (total 4 – no casualties)
Overshoot on supporting infantry (total 8 – no casualties)
General moves to centre of division
All infantry advance 8”
Hussars charge guns
Gunners test to react (total 1 – fail and all are cut down)
1st Polish infantry test morale for gunners cut down (total 4 – pass remain formed)
2nd Polish infantry test morale for gunners cut down (total 0 – fail and rout)
Hussars test morale to rally (total 5 – fail and charge nearest enemy
Hussar’s melee 1st Polish infantry (total 10 – infantry win)
Both have 10% casualties, Hussars retire 8”, both are disordered

French Right -  15th division

General Dambrowski (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Retire to north bank of river
2nd infantry rout onto bridge
Cavalry advance to cover the retreat over the bridge
1st infantry form square and retreat 1” towards the bridge
2nd infantry test morale for rout (total 0 – fail and continue to rout)

General  Langeron (Average)
Commander 1st Russian Corps
5 Command Points
Move to join 2nd division (on the right)
Change orders to “Engage”

Marshal Ney (Average)
Commander 3rd French Corps
6 Command Points
Move to join 5th division (centre)
Change orders to “Retire to road”

French Left -  6th division

General Ricard (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Hold Bad Kosen
Artillery fire on Cossacks (total 8 – 10% casualties)
Cossacks test morale for 10% casualties (total 6 – pass and remain formed)
 Infantry form square

Russian Right – 2nd division

General Lukow (Poor)
7 Command Points
Orders – Engage
Artillery fire on infantry (total 7 – no casualties)
Cossacks recce river for ford – first move

Russian Centre – 1st division

General Mesenzow (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Halt
Commander changes orders to Halt
Artillery unlimber
1st infantry advance to river bank and form line
Cossacks about turn and retire 8” out of artillery range

French Centre – 5th division

General Delmas (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Retire to road
Artillery fire on cuirassiers (total 9 – 10% casualties)
Overshoot on nearest infantry (total 4 – no casualties)
Cuirassiers test morale for 10% casualties (total 5 – pass remain formed)
14th lancers about turn and retire 8”
19th and 20th infantry about turn and retire 2$
Gunners limber artillery and prepare to retire

Game Notes
5th French division (in bend of river) ordered to retreat to road
They will be out of close artillery range and better able to support 15th Vistula division

3rd Russian division have been lucky to escape artillery casualties
They are also lucky that the Russian gunners were unable to evade the cavalry charge
As a result all the gunners were cut down
A supporting infantry regiment also failed their morale and routed

Gunners charged by cavalry must test to react.
If they pass they can either evade or fire on cavalry
If the fail they are all cut down
All supporting units within 4” must test morale
Cavalry must test morale to see if they rally or charge nearest enemy
Rule 16 deals with cavalry v gunners combat

Commanders are allowed 1CP for each formed regiment under command
Plus 1CP if poor, 2CP if average and 3CP if gifted

Wargame rules can be found at

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