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Battle of Possneck – Move 8

1900-2000  14 August 1813

Table at the start of move 8

Both corps are now in position to engage the enemy,  but night approaches and it is too late to attack.

7th French dragoons, bottom right, are shaken and very close to 1st Russian hussars.   If the hussars move first they can charge the dragoons.  If the dragoons move first the hussars can attempt an opportunity charge.  In either case the dragoons are too close to the hussars to counter charge. 

Russian Right – 8th division

General Melnikow (Poor)
7 Command Points
Orders – Engage French Left
Artillery fire on infantry square (total 3 – no casualties)
6th infantry advance through woods to road and skirmish with 11th French (total 4 – no casualties)
Commander changes divisional orders to Halt

Marshal Victor (Average)
4 Command Points
Corps commander already commands 7th dragoons
7th dragoons ordered to withdraw 8th facing enemy
1st Russian hussars test to Opportunity Charge (total 6 – pass and charge)
The hussars reach the dragoons before they can react and must accept the charge at the halt.
Melee total 7 is a draw, no casualties
7th dragoons retire 8facing the enemy as ordered by corps commander

General Wintzingerode (Average)
7 Command Points
Move to join 9th division (on left)
Change orders to Hold
Move to join 8th division (on right)

Russian Centre – 7th Division

General Woroncow (Average)
7 Command Points
Orders – Hold
Artillery fire on French gunners (total 10 – no casualties)
General moves to command range (8”) of Cossacks
Cossacks about turn and move to join Cuirassiers

Russian Left – 9th division

General Rudzewitsch (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Hold
Artillery fire on French gunners (total 6 – no casualties)
Reorganise infantry

French Right – 14th division

General Maison (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Engage Russian Left
Artillery fire on 1st hussars (total 8 – 10% casualties)
Hussars test morale for 10% casualties (total 0 – fail and rout)
Rout into gunners who test morale (total 3 – pass but are disordered)
Reorganise infantry
7th dragoons test morale for 10% casualties and shaken (total 1 – fail remain shaken)
3rd dragoons test morale for shaken (total 5 – pass become disordered)

French Left – 3rd division

General Dubreton (Average)
8 Command Points
Orders – Hold road left of town
Artillery fire on Russian gunners (total 7 – no casualties)
Reorganise infantry and cavalry
General move to command range (8”) of infantry in woods
11th infantry skirmish with 6th Russian (total 2 – no casualties)

French Centre – 4th division

General Vial (Poor)
7 Command Points
Orders – Hold Possneck
Artillery fire on routed 1st hussars (total 10 – 10% casualties)
Artillery overshoot on disordered gunners (total 7 – no casualties)
1st hussars test morale for 20% casualties and rout (total 1 – fail and continue to rout)
11th hussars test morale for 10% casualties and rout (total 2 – fail and continue to rout)

Game Notes
Another move of cavalry engagements and artillery fire

Neither side have been able to bring their infantry into action, except for an ineffective skirmish in the woods.

Wargame rules can be found at

Table at end of battle

Game Result
The French started the battle with 9600 infantry, 2400 cavalry and 1200 gunners
They lost 600 cavalry and 100 gunners.

The Russians started the battle with 9600 infantry, 2400 cavalry and 1200 gunners
They lost 1000 cavalry

The result is a draw
2nd French corps hold Possneck and the road running north and south
3rd Russian corps reform 12” east of Possneck

Both corps are capable of fighting again on 15th August.
Both commanders will confirm whether they wish to hold, retire or attack next day

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