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Battle of Bad Kosen – Move 3

1400-1500  14 August 1813
Table at the start of move 3

3rd Russian division (bottom right) have started their attack towards the bridge
5th French division (centre left) have started to retire from the bend in the river
2nd Russian division (top right) have started to check if there is a river ford
Marshal Ney (Average)
Commander 3rd French Corps
6 Command Points
No change of orders

French Left -  6th division

General Ricard (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Hold Bad Kosen
Artillery fire on 3rd Russian infantry (total 9 – 10% casualties)
3rd Russian test morale for 10% casualties (total 4 – pass remain formed)
All infantry form column of attack

French Centre – 5th division

General Delmas (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Retire to road
Infantry and artillery retire 8” towards road

Russian Centre – 1st division

General Mesenzow (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Halt
Commander changes orders to Halt
Artillery fire on 8th hussars (total 7 – no casualties)
Artillery overshoot on 11th hussars (total 8 – no casualties)
Cossacks about turn to face bridge

Russian Right – 2nd division

General Lukow (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Engage
Commander changes orders to Halt
Artillery fire on 21st French infantry (total 5 – no casualties)
Second move of Cossack recce for ford over river

General  Langeron (Average)
Commander 1st Russian Corps
4 Command Points
Join 6th division (left)
Change orders to “Move to the left”

French Right -  15th division

General Dambrowski (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Retire to north bank of river
Square retires 2”
13th lancers move forward to join 15th lancers to cover retreat
Infantry start to cross bridge to north bank
2nd infantry tests morale for rout (total 3 – pass test become shaken)

Russian Left – 3rd division

General Wustow (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Attack French south of the river
Artillery fire on 18th French infantry (total 9 – 10% casualties)
Artillery overshoot on 20th French infantry (total 3 – no casualties)
9th grenadiers advance 4” and form square
12th infantry advance 8”
2nd dragoons advance 8”
1st hussars charge 13th lancers
13th lancers test morale to counter charge (total 2 – pass and charge)
1st hussars win melee:
13th lancers lose 20% casualties and retire 8” shaken
1st hussars lose 10% casualties and halt disordered

Game Notes
3rd Russian division attack on the southern bridge is going well
15th Vistula division have lost their artillery and the subsequent cavalry melee
There is still one Polish lancer regiment left to cover the retreat
The Russian infantry are delayed by their cavalry
It is likely that most of the Polish infantry will escape to the north bank

Marshal Ney is concerned at the Russian build up against the northern section of the river.   He has not previously determined whether there is a ford there or not.  If there is, and the Russians cross, he could lose his corps.   He orders his corps to move to their left to counter this Russian move

The Russian artillery have performed poorly.   At long range they require a total of 8 with two D6 dice, and have missed more often than not

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