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Battle of Possneck – Move 4

1500-1600  14 August 1813

Table at the start of move 4

French cavalry have won melee in the centre, but are now isolated
Russians cavalry bottom right are ready to charge their flank

French Right – 14th division

General Maison (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Engage Russian Left
Infantry and artillery advance 8”

French Left – 3rd division

General Dubreton (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Engage Russian Right
Infantry and artillery advance 8”

General Wintzingerode (Average)
6 Command Points
Change 7 division (Centre) to Engage Possneck

French Centre – 4th division

General Vial (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Hold Possneck
Russian dragoons test to opportunity charge 11 hussars (total 3 – fail)
11th hussars retire 7” facing the enemy
16th hussars retire towards infantry
Gunners manhandle 2” towards enemy

Russian Right – 8th division

General Melnikow (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Engage French Left
Artillery fired on the chasseur brigade (total 10 – 10% casualties on 6th chasseurs)
They are allowed overshoot on the reserve (total 9 – 10% casualties on 12th chasseurs)
Gunners manhandle 2” towards enemy
3rd Cossack regiment advance 7” (within charge range of chasseur brigade)
5th infantry regiment advance 4” and form square to protect gunners
Remainder of infantry advance 7”

Marshal Victor (Average)
5 Command Points
No orders issued

Russian Centre – 7th Division

General Woroncow (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Engage Possneck
Infantry advance 2” in square
Cossacks on hill move to rear
Commander moves to join shaken artillery
Artillery test morale for shaken (total 5 – pass become disordered
Cuirassiers test morale for 10% casualties and shaken (total 3 – pass become disordered)

Russian Left – 9th division

General Rudzewitsch (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Engage French Right
Infantry and artillery start to move off hill
General moves within command range (8”) of 2nd dragoons
2nd dragoons charge 11th hussars
11th hussars test morale to counter charge (total 4 – pass and charge)
Melee result is a draw – no casualties but both are disordered

Game Notes
Cavalry who are on the flank of an enemy can declare an opportunity charge during the enemy’s turn.   They have to make their morale to do so.   If they pass the test the enemy then test to see if they can turn to face the charge, providing there is sufficient time to do so.
Rule 6 covers opportunity charges

11th French hussar regiment were in this position at the start of the move.  2nd Russian dragoons tested to charge them in flank, but failed to pass the test.

11th hussars then withdrew facing the enemy during their move.   This allows them to counter charge if attacked, and it also moved them back far enough that their flank was no longer exposed to the enemy

When 9th Russian division had their turn 2nd Russian dragoons were ordered to charge 11th hussars, but it was now a frontal charge.   The hussars passed their morale test to counter charge.   The resulting melee ended in a draw, neither side had any casualties but both were disordered.
Rule 14 covers cavalry v cavalry combats

When artillery fire they may achieve an overshoot if a second enemy regiment is behind and within 4” of the main target.   8th Russian fired on the French chasseur brigade.   They required a total of 8 to hit 6th chasseur regiment, and caused 10% casualties with a total of 10.   They required a total of 9 to hit 12th chasseur regiment, and caused 10% casualties with a total of 9.
Rule 7 covers artillery fire

If a general joined a shaken regiment they add plus 1 to their morale.   But if they then fail and rout, the general goes with them.   He will be able to issue orders next turn, but must first use 1CP to move away from rout.
Rule 18 covers morale

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