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Battle of Possneck Day 2 – Move 2

0900-1000  15th August 1813

Table at start of Move 2

Left – French have started to react to Russian attack
Right – Russians have advanced towards Possneck

Russian corps at the end of Move 2

3rd Russian Corps
Wintzingerode does not issue any new orders

Rudzewitsch (left) moves forward and his artillery unlimber

Woroncow (centre) sends infantry to occupy Possneck
Remainder of division move forward and artillery unlimber
His cuirassier regiment declared an opportunity charge
The leading French infantry regiment was too close to form square
 They were caught in column of march and cut down.

Melnikow (right) moves forward between the woods and the town
His infantry enter the woods on the right and his gunners unlimber

French corps at end of Move 2

2nd French Corps
Victor has ordered his three divisions to hold their present positions until nightfall

Dubreton (left) deploys his division between the woods and the hill
He sends one infantry regiment to occupy the woods to protect his left flank
He orders the infantry regiment on the hill on his right to form square
His artillery unlimbers and his leading infantry form column of attack

Vial (centre) is disordered by the Russian cavalry charge
His leading infantry regiment has been destroyed
He orders his remaining infantry regiments to form square
His gunners abandon their guns and seek shelter in the nearest square
His cavalry start to move towards the front of the division

Maison (right) orders his leading infantry to form square
He orders his nearest cavalry to move forward to engage the Russian cuirassiers

Russian Opportunity Charge 

Cavalry Opportunity Charge
Cavalry are allowed to charge during the enemy turn in certain circumstancces.
The enemy must be unformed or in a vunerable formation
The cavalry must first make their morale to charge
If the enemy are more than half a move distance they test their morale to react

7th Russian division move first and order the  cuirassier regiment to move within charge move of approaching 4th French division.

When 4th French division have their turn the cuirassiers declare an Opportunity Charge on the leading infantry regiment, who are in column of march.

They require a total of 4 to charge. 
They roll 1D6 for 4
Plus 1 for divisional commander within 4”
Minus 1 for 10% casualties
Total 4 and they charge

French infantry require a total of 4 to react
They roll 1D6 for 4
General is 5” away, 1” too far for plus one.
Minus 1 for C class infantry
Total 3 and they fail

Infantry who pass may form square
Infantry who fail are cut down and suffer 8 casualties

Game Notes
Declaring an opportunity charge is a risky business.
If they succeed, but the enemy form square, the cavalry are very exposed
In this case they were lucky and caught the infantry in column of march
This places the cavalry in the middle of the enemy

The French infantry are in column of march to deploy quicker
This leaves them open to another opportunity charge
All infantry regiments within range are forced to form square
The French cavalry are all in the wrong place to counter the Russian cavalry

Rule 6 deals with opportunity charges

Wargame rules can be found at

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