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Battle of Possneck Day 2 – Move 7

1400-1500  15th August 1813

Table at start of Move 7

6th  Russian division (top) are advancing beyond the woods
7th and 8th Russian divisions (centre) are approaching the French
9th Russian division (bottom) are already skirmishing with the French artillery

  Russian corps at the end of Move 7

3rd Russian Corps
Wintzingerode urges his corps commanders to press home their attack
He is confident of victory and even the destruction of 2nd French corps

Rudzewitsch (left) continues his skirmish combat with the Westphalian gunners
His infantry advance within volley range and force the enemy to retire shaken with 20% casualties
He orders his artillery, which is screened by his infantry, to move onto the hill to his left

Woroncow (centre left) send his left hand infantry regiment to join the skirmish fight
The remainder of his division continue to advance

Melnikow (centre right) orders his leading infantry regiments to skirmish with the French infantry
They win the initial exchange, disorder the enemy and inflict 10% casualties on each regiment

Galitzin (right)  orders his hussar regiment to charge the nearest French infantry
They have been disordered in the skirmish fight, and fail their morale to react or form square
The hussars cut them down and the regiment is wiped out
The nearby gunners and infantry in the woods are both shaken by seeing them cut down
The remainder of 6th division advance towards the river

 French corps at end of Move 7

2nd French Corps
The French have suffered badly during this move
Their artillery continue to be ineffective
They have lost another infantry regiment to enemy cavalry

Dubreton (left) having lost the initial skirmish combat he orders his infantry forward
They win the volley fight, and one Russian regiment retires shaken and with 20% casualties
Then Russian hussars charge the left hand regiment, who are disordered by the combat
The French infantry fail their morale to form square, and are cut down
The regiment in the woods, and the gunners, are both within 4” and must test morale
Both lose and are shaken

Vial (centre) holds the centre.
His artillery cause 10% casualties on the nearest Russian infantry
But they pass their morale test and continue to advance.
11th hussars are shaken by the infantry rout on their right

Maison (right) moves his reserve regiment to replace the shaken 6th infantry
Despite this 6th regiment fail their morale test and rout
They rout into 3rd dragoons who fail their morale test and become shaken
11th hussars (4th division) are within 4” and also have to test their morale, fail and are shaken
The remainder of the regiments within 4” of the rout all pass their morale test

Game Notes
The skirmish combat has now spread along the whole table
Regiments within 4”, but less than 2”, can skirmish.  
They require a total of 6 to hit

However if they advance  within 2” they can volley fire
Both sides fire at the same time, and the result is likely to be more decisive.

After skirmish or volley fire a regiment is disordered
One such regiment charged by nearby enemy cavalry has been cut down.

It is very unlikely that 2nd French corps will survive this battle
Even if they hold out until night, they must still secure the bridge to retreat
The loss of the cavalry melee on their far left has left the bridge unguarded

6th Russian division has now only to reach the bridge to cut the French retreat

Rule 11 covers skirmish combat
Rule 12 covers musket firefight combat
Rule 15 covers cavalry v infantry combat

Wargame rules can be found at

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