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Battle of Possneck Day Two – Set Up

Tactical map at 0800 15 August 1813

Campaign Background
Both corps have fought the previous day at Possneck.
The result of that fighting was a draw, and both corps held their position
The battle was mainly a cavalry engagement, with medium casualties on both sides

At nightfall the French decided to retreat over the river Saale
The Russians decided to continue the battle the next morning

During the night the French withdrew to the positions shown on the map
At first light they deploy ready to retreat

The Russians deploy ready to advance and attack Possneck

Wargames table at start of battle

Wargames Table
Possneck is the town in the centre of the table
The river Saale is off table to the left
French are on the left
Russians are on the right

French positions at start of battle

2nd French Corps

Left – 3rd French division have orders to retreat and find a ford over the river
Centre – 4th French division have orders to retreat over the bridge
Right – 14th Westphalian division have orders to move to the centre and form the rear guard

Russian positions at start of battle

3rd Russian Corps
Left – 9th division are cramped between the road and the hill
Centre – 7th division are deployed opposite Possneck
Right - 8th division have the woods to their front

Comments on Deployment
If the French follow their campaign orders 4th division will escape across the river
3rd and 14th divisions will have to fight with their backs to the river

It would have made more tactical sense for the French cavalry with 10% casualties or less to march at the rear of the two retreating divisions, and the front of the advancing one, in order to cover the march

The Russian cavalry have more casualties than the French.   It would  have made more tactical sense for those with more than 10% casualties to march at the rear of the column rather than at the front.   If they lose a cavalry engagement they will cause a lot of disorder to the supporting infantry regiments.

All divisions start the game with their campaign orders

Only corps commanders can change those orders to Move, Hold, Engage or Attack

Divisional commander can change their orders to Halt

Rule 3 deals with command and control
Rule 4 deals with corps and divisional orders

Wargame Rules
Can be found at

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