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Battle of Possneck Day 2 – Move 8

1500-1600  15th August 1813

Table at start of Move 8

The battle is now entering the critical phase
Both corps are within close combat range 

 Russian corps at the end of Move 8

3rd Russian Corps
Wintzingerode moves to change division orders from Engage to Attack

Rudzewitsch (left) now on Attack orders
His grenadier regiment charge home on the French gunners and cut them down
Major setback on the hills to his left
His artillery is charged by the French dragoons and cut down
Supporting infantry and cavalry both shaken
Woroncow (centre left) is still on Engage orders
His artillery have moved forward to close range, and cause damage to the French infantry
2nd infantry exchange volley fire with 5th Westphalians, both lose 10% but neither give way

Melnikow (centre right) orders changed from Engage to Attack
He orders his shaken infantry to withdraw to make room for the cavalry reserve
4th cuirassiers move forward and prepare to charge French infantry

Galitzin (right)  still on Engage orders
His cavalry receive ineffective skirmish fire from the woods as they push towards the bridge
His two leading infantry regiments advance to woods and skirmish with French infantry
French receive 10% casualties and retire from edge of woods shaken

 French corps at end of Move 8

2nd French Corps
Victor orders his divisions to attempt a fighting withdrawal to the river
Dubreton (left) orders his artillery, and his isolated infantry on the hill, to fall back to the bridge
The remainder of his infantry continue to skirmish, but are losing the combat
In desperation he orders 6th chasseurs (with 20% casualties) to charge the Russian dragoons
The chasseurs fight well, but are forced to withdraw Shaken
There are now no formed cavalry to prevent the Russians taking the bridge

Vial (centre) has received orders to withdraw to the river and hold the bridge
He is under attack, and can only send 16th hussars to hold the bridge
His artillery fire one last round on the Russians and then limber to retreat
The Russians receive casualties but continue to advance
One shaken infantry regiment, and the disordered 11th hussars, are left to cover the retreat

Maison (right) is making a determined stand
7th dragoons test for opportunity charge on Russian artillery as they attempt to deploy on opposite hill
Dragoons charge, Russians fail test to react, gunners are cut down
Supporting Russian infantry and cavalry both fail morale test and are Shaken
His gunners are overrun and cut down by Russian grenadier regiment
5th infantry are within 4”, lose their morale test and are shaken
Despite his success with 7th dragoons his position is now desperate
He has lost his artillery and one of his infantry regiments in rout, a second is shaken

Game Notes

Both corps are now losing serious casualties, resulting in loss of morale
Up to one third of each division is cut down, in rout, shaken or disordered
No CPs are allowed for these regiments
Divisional commanders must decide where best to use the reduced CPs

The combat options when on Engage or Attack are very different
Engage allows infantry to skirmish or volley, but not to melee
Attack orders allow infantry to charge and melee, both infantry and gunners
On Attack orders combat tends to be much more decisive

Rule 3 covers Command Points (CP)
Rule 4 covers divisional orders

Wargame rules can be found at

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