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Battle of Possneck Day 2 – Move 9

1600-1700  15th August 1813
 Table at start of Move 9

Left – 2nd French corps are starting to give way
Right – 3rd Russian corps press home the attack 

 Russian corps at the end of Move 9

3rd Russian Corps
Russian left is in a shambles after French dragoons charge hill
Centre is secure, right is pushing ahead towards the bridge

Rudzewitsch (left) now on Attack orders
French dragoons charge shaken cavalry on the hill and rout them
11th infantry join them and both are cut down by the dragoons
The remainder of 7th division break the centre of 4th French division

Woroncow (centre left) is still on Engage orders
His artillery have cause havoc in the close packed enemy ranks
2nd infantry win their firefight with 5th Westphalian, who lose 30% casualties and rout
14th French  infantry and 11th hussars fail their morale and join the rout

Melnikow (centre right) is now on attack orders
8th infantry win skirmish fight with 10th French, who lose 10% casualties and rout
4th cuirassiers charge shaken 12th French, who fail to form square in time and are cut down

Galitzin (right)  orders his infantry and artillery to concentrate on the woods
He sends his cavalry ahead to secure the bridge over the river Saale

French corps at end of Move 9

2nd French Corps
Victor desperately tries to withdraw his divisions back to the river

Dubreton (left) has lost more than half of his division
Both cavalry regiments are in rout and making for the bridge and safety
One of his infantry regiments have been cut down, and a second is in rout
He remaining two regiments are fighting in and near the woods, and in danger of being cut off
His artillery has withdrawn towards the bridge, but has no infantry or cavalry support.

Vial (centre) has sent one cavalry regiment to hold the bridge
The remainder of his division is falling apart
Two of his infantry regiments are in rout and a third is shaken
Only 15th regiment on the hill is retreating in good order

Maison (right) is holding his own, despite heavy casualties
7th dragoons have rallied after cutting down the Russian gunners
They charge, and rout, the Russian hussars and break the supporting infantry
7th infantry win their firefight and rout 9th Russian
Despite this the remainder of the division has to fall back towards the river

Game Notes
Both sides are taking heavy casualties
When one regiment fails its morale and breaks, all friends within 4” also have to test their morale
Because most regiments already have casualties it is not unusual for the rout to spread

6th Russian division had brushed aside the weak French cavalry and are pushing towards the bridge
Only the French held woods is holding them back.
The infantry and cavalry have been ordered to take the woods and fall on the French left flank
The cavalry have been ordered to bypass the woods and secure the bridge

A mass of broken French infantry and cavalry regiments are making for the bridge and the relative safety of the west bank.

Rule 18 covers morale

Wargame rules can be found at

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