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Battle of Possneck Day 2 – Move 4

1100-1200  15th August 1813

Table at start of Move 4

Left – French cavalry have advanced to force the Russian cuirassiers to retire
Right – Russians have retired facing the French and still pose a threat to the infantry

French corps at end of Move 4

2nd French Corps
Victor receives reports of the approach of a large body of Russians on the Domburg road

Dubreton (left) sends his cavalry to the left of the woods to investigate reports of approaching enemy
His artillery open fire on the approaching Russian infantry but inflict no casualties

Vial (centre) is at last free of cuirassier threat
He orders his gunners back to the guns
Infantry form column of attack
Cavalry move to the front

Maison (right) orders his leading dragoon regiment to charge the Russian cuirassiers again
Once more the Russians fail their morale test to counter charge (roll total of 1)
The cuirassiers meet the charge at the halt, are routed and lose 10% more casualties
Artillery fire on approaching Russian infantry but cause no casualties

 Russian corps at the end of Move 4
3rd Russian Corps
Wintzingerode moves to the Domburg road to meet the reinforcements

Rudzewitsch (left) moves his division towards the French
His artillery engage the enemy  infantry but fail to cause any casualties

Woroncow (centre) division thrown into disorder by the routed cuirassiers
The garrison of Possneck pass their morale test for a routed friend within 4”
The gunners also pass their morale despite being routed thorough
Leading infantry form square to protect the disordered gunners

Melnikow (right) moves his division forward to make room for the reinforcements
He is waiting for his infantry to reach the far edge of the woods before moving to contact
His gunners limber their guns as they are now masked by the advancing infantry

Game Notes
Artillery require a total of 8 with 2D6 dice to achieve 10% casualties.
The Russian gunners have failed to “soften up” the enemy as their infantry advance
The French gunners have not done much better

When a regiment fails its morale and routs, all friendly regiments within 4” have to test their morale
When there are so many regiments with existing casualties this can have serious consequences.

The approaching reinforcements is 6th division of 2nd Russian corps
Neither commander was aware of this approach due to the difficult terrain
The leading regiment will arrive on the table at the start of the next move.

Rule 7 deals with artillery fire
Rule 18 deals with morale

Wargame rules can be found at

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