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Battle of Possneck Day 2 – Move 3

1000-1100  15th August 1813

 Table at start of Move 3

Left – French centre in confusion due to Russian cuirassier charge
Right – Russians have advanced and have entered Possneck and the woods beyond

Russian corps at the end of Move 3

3rd Russian Corps
Wintzingerode does not issue any new orders

The heavier Russian artillery are now within range of the French and open fire
During this first round all miss due to consistently poor dice

Rudzewitsch (left) moves forward and his gunners manhandle the guns forward

Woroncow (centre) orders his cuirassier regiment to break contact and retire
They have been very lucky both during the opportunity charge and the subsequent cavalry melee

Melnikow (right) is finding it difficult to deploy in the narrow space between the town and the woods
It is proving difficult to coordinate the brigade moving through the woods and the rest of the division

French corps at end of Move 3

2nd French Corps
The French deployed is in a shambles due to the Russian cuirassier charge

Dubreton (left) is not affected by the chaos in the centre
He has deployed his division between the woods and the hill
He has kept his cavalry in reserve to shield them from enemy artillery

Vial (centre) is unable to advance or man his artillery
His hussar brigade have 10% casualties and are no match for the heavier Russian cavalry
He orders one infantry square forward to secure the guns until the enemy cavalry retire

Maison (right) orders his leading dragoon regiment to charge the Russian cuirassiers
The Russians fail their morale test to counter charge, and meet the dragoons at the halt
Due to a poor dice throw (total of 5 with 2D6) the melee is a draw, no casualties, both disordered
His division is in position, but unable to deploy until the cuirassiers withdraw

Game Notes
With both divisions on Engage orders, cavalry combats tend to be ineffective
The poor dice throw resulted in a draw with no casualties on either side
Fortunately the Russians withdrew during their turn rather than risk further casualties

The opening moves of this game have been dominated by the Russian cuirassiers
For a regiment which started the game with 10% casualties they have done well

The Russians must now take advantage of the French confusion to press home their attack
They have nine more moves, which is plenty of time, to do so
However the restricted ground area is making it difficult for them to deploy properly
And they can expect to receive artillery casualties as they approach the French.

Rule 7 deals with artillery fire
Rule 14 deals with cavalry combat

Wargame rules can be found at

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