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Battle of Possneck Day 2 – Move 5

1200-1300  15th August 1813

Table at start of Move 5

The table has been extended to the left to include the river Saale
The river can only be crossed by the bridge
The Russian reinforcements will arrive top right behind the woods
If they can take the bridge the French will be forced to surrender

Left – French divisions have Hold orders and may not retreat until they are changed
Right – Russian corps commander have moved to the road top right to meet reinforcements

French corps at end of Move 5

2nd French Corps
Victor must wait his turn in order to issue orders to react to the arrival of 6th Russian division

Dubreton (left) has deployed his cavalry brigade to the left of the woods to delay 6th Russian division
His artillery fire on the approaching enemy infantry, but no casualties
He must wait for orders to withdraw his division to hold the bridge

Vial (centre) has finally deployed his division
His artillery fire on the approaching Russian infantry, again no casualties

Maison (right) orders his cavalry to move onto the hill on the right
He orders his infantry on the hill to rejoin the division
His artillery also fire on the enemy infantry, once more no casualties

  Russian corps at the end of Move 5

3rd Russian Corps
Wintzingerode orders 6th division to attack the enemy left flank and take the bridge

Rudzewitsch (left) moves his division towards the French
His artillery engage the enemy  infantry but again fail to inflict any casualties
His Cossack regiment has 20% casualties, and must be kept in reserve

Woroncow (centre left) division redeploy and continue to advance
The brigade in Possneck is ordered to join the main advance
The lack of cavalry support has left the infantry exposed to the French cavalry

Melnikow (centre right) moves his division forward to the far edge of the woods
His infantry have masked the gunners, who have joined the advance
Galitzin (right) orders his cavalry brigade to form line and advance to engage the French cavalry
His infantry and artillery are in a long line along the Domburg road (off table right)
They will not be able to enter until their cavalry have contained the French cavalry

Game Notes
Once more the artillery on both sides have proved ineffective

There is now a real danger that the French will be cut off from the bridge by the newly arrived 6th Russian division.  If this happens they will have to surrender.

Markers are drawn each move to determine sequence of movement.  It is unfortunate that the French corps commander was not drawn before 3rd and 14th division.   This meant that 3rd division could not begin to withdraw to secure the bridge.

The closer the Russians come to the French defensive line, the harder it will be for the French to withdraw.

Their best hope now is to be able to withdraw before the Russians get close enough to pin them.  Even with the arrival of 6th division cavalry brigade, the French still have sufficient cavalry to cover the withdrawal.

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