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Battle of Possneck Day 2 – Move 6

1300-1400  15th August 1813

Table at start of Move 6

9th Russian division is now too close for 14th Westphalian division to retire (nearest camera)
4th French division (in the centre) could retire, but would leave 14th division open to a flank attack
3rd French division (top) is about to be attacked by both 6th and 8th Russian divisions.

French corps at end of Move 6

2nd French Corps
Victor has ordered 3rd division to retire towards the river
4th and 14th divisions remain on hold orders

Dubreton (left) ordered 12th chasseurs to attack the leading Russian dragoon regiment
The chasseurs lost the melee, suffered 10% casualties and routed
Both chasseur regiments now have 20% casualties and are effectively non combatant
Things are looking desperate for 3rd division and the French left flank

Vial (centre) holds the centre.
His artillery have again failed to inflict any casualties on the enemy

Maison (right) has also failed to inflict significant casualties
The Russian infantry are in skirmish combat with his gunners and their supporting infantry
He has ordered his cavalry to deploy on the hill to his left and his infantry in the centre

Russian corps at the end of Move 6

3rd Russian Corps
Wintzingerode has ordered his four divisions to engage the French

Rudzewitsch (left) is in contact with the Westphalians
His two leading infantry regiments skirmish with the gunners and supporting infantry
He is still on Engage orders, but has requested permission to Attack.

Woroncow (centre left) has advanced beyond Possneck
He has furthest to go to reach the French, and his guns are now masked

Melnikow (centre right) is trying to coordinate his attack with Galitzin
The two divisions are separated by the woods and communication is difficult

Galitzin (right) has won the initial cavalry melee, and routed the French chasseurs
The ground is now secure for the deployment of the remainder of 6th division

Game Notes
The four Russian divisions are on Engage orders
The infantry are allowed to exchange skirmish or musket fire with the enemy
However they are not allowed to press home their attack and melee
To do so the corps commander must first change their orders to Attack.

They are fortunate that the French gunners have proved particularly ineffective
Their infantry have reached combat range with only minor artillery casualties
Despite their initial lack of cavalry support they now have the advantage in this battle
With the arrival of 6th division they outnumber the French by four to three.

Rule 11 covers skirmish combat
Rule 12 covers musket firefight combat

Wargame rules can be found at

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